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Women’s 2nd Team Football captain Louise Kilby on her first BUCS experience and the excitement of university sports

BUCS finally returned this week for the University of Gloucestershire’s women’s football team as the 2nd team took on Southampton University.

Despite the final result not going Gloucestershire’s way, the visitors running out 5-0 winners, 2nd team captain Louise Kilby spoke after the match about her and her fellow teammates’ experiences on the day.

There was a really good atmosphere today, it was the first ever Bucs game for me and a lot of the other girls, so it was all very exciting.”

Kilby, who was named 2nd team captain a few weeks ago, went on to talk about the older players in the squad and how they settled the rest of the team down during the game.

She said: “The older girls were very excited to get playing on the pitch competitively again.

I didn’t know what to expect for the Bucs game, the older girls set the tone and were really helpful. We were really excited to get playing again.”

Kilby was visibly excited when she spoke on her side finally getting their league campaign underway and how she is looking forward for all the university sports team to come together during social nights.

We only had varsity last year so to be able to play a competitive game in the league in really exciting,’ said Kilby.

The whole atmosphere of sports at Uni is massive, everything is built up with social media posts, everyone’s been talking about it all week on our courses and it’ll be really nice for all the sports to come together tonight.”

The 2nd team do not play now until next week when they face Exeter, however the 1st team are in action this Wednesday at home to Bristol 2s.

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