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East Glos Club reveals “Padel has had a great impact” as Cheltenham sports facilities install new courts for Gloucestershire players

Cheltenham’s East Glos Club have recently put in place three floodlit Padel tennis courts, replacing what was a unused grass court, increasing the variety of sports the club has to offer with club manager Darren Morris saying that “there is a new buzz around the club“.

Having already offered tennis, hockey and squash as main sports, the introduction of Padel tennis looks to be a successful one in the long term with the sport’s popularity growing across Europe.

The rules of the sport are the same as tennis, but you are allowed to use the walls and serve underarm.

The club have already devised a plan to further promote the sport, with a coach appointed to drive the sport’s participation, delivering both adult and junior sessions, new member taster sessions and social gatherings. Tournaments will also take place monthly and leagues have also been introduced.

Club manager Darren Morris spoke highly of the club’s launch of the sport and what there is to look forward to regarding its inauguration.

The introduction of Padel tennis at East Glos has had a fantastic impact, bringing the tennis and squash communities together and providing members with a new sport to enjoy. New members have joined from all age groups and demographics, some taking up the sport for the first time,” said Morris.

He continued, mentioning the change of mood around the club and what the introduction of the sport can do for future improvements to the club.

Padel tennis has already added to the thriving and active membership. The project has also acted as a catalyst for future facility enhancement.”

The East Glos A Padel team reached the semi final of the Regional Division 2 at the start of the month, further proving what can be expected of Padel tennis at the club going forward.

Other successes of the sport at the club also include 250 members having already attended taster sessions, over 200 new members joining the club following the installation of the courts and sponsorship opportunities being formed with an increase in hospitality and pro-shop sales.

On a broader scale, Padel is now an official discipline of tennis in Britain after receiving approval by Sport England, Sport Scotland and Sport Wales.

The Lawn Tennis Association integrated Padel in May 2019, the organisation saying it formed part of its five-year plan to open up tennis to more people and popularise the sport.

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