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Camping on beaches, battling long-term fatigue and completing a world’s first: Remembering Sean Conway’s ultra-triathlon around the GB coastline

“When you’ve been going for so long that long-term fatigue kicks in and your hormones begin to modify themselves, that’s when the real fun starts.”  It’s day 71, Sean Conway has just taken the last of his 1.5 million strides from Scarbrough to Brighton and is ready to swap his running shoes for his swimming hat, goggles and wetsuit to commence […]

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OKKULO: the newest sports science breakthrough being used by Premier League sides

In any sporting match or event, a split second decision or movement could determine an outright result. Athletes these days are expected to have lightning quick reaction speed and awareness. Athletes are constantly being pushed to their physical limits in training regimes, but what if you could train the mind to help maximise sporting ability? […]


Barefoot run across UK passes through Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire based Anna McNuff is running across the country barefoot. McNuff is in the process of running 100 marathons around the UK, and this weekend she was in Gloucester. On Saturday, the Girlguiding ambassador, ran from Tewkesbury Abbey to the Gloucester Docks, with a home crowd welcome. 💥OVER 1,500 MILES RUN IN MY BARE FEET!🦶🏻🇬🇧🏃🏼‍♀️and […]


Start the week right!

We all need that little extra push to get through the start of the week! For those of you struggling on this Monday morning, check out our very own Jac Rogers 5 exercise, full body workout! Get moving, feel great and be happy! Let us know how you get on via our twitter page: using the […]