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“It’ll be a really good experience either way” – UOG Volleyball’s Clara Martins ahead of next week’s Varsity clash 

The highly anticipated annual Varsity kicks off next week where sportsmen and women from the Universities of Gloucestershire and Worcester take part in a multi-sport event. 

From rugby to equestrian, the winning team from each individual sport will come away with a crucial point for their respective universities. 

The event kicks off with trampolining on Monday, March 18 at 8:00, followed by hockey, futsal, and basketball. 

Tuesday sees American football kick off the day before a double header of women’s and men’s rugby union, held at Oxstalls Sports Park.

Worcester Wednesday brings a close to the yearly event with badminton beginning the day before both men’s and women’s volleyball take to court. 

Men’s and women’s football, tap dance, and dance all go ahead in the afternoon with netball closing out the event at 20:00. 

Before the three-day event kicks off, Volleyball player Clara Martins praised her side’s preparation ahead of her first Varsity event.

 “I feel really nervous but it’s a new experience so I’m not really sure what to expect, I think there’ll be high energy, high pressure from the captains but myself also.

“We put ourselves under high expectations. It’ll be a really good experience either way so I’m just happy to be a part of it anyways. 

“Preparation has been really good; it’s been in collaboration with the men’s team, so it’s been really good to get their input too with their experience but it’s just nice to have that girl power energy and to be in support of each other.”

The side will head to Worcester for their fixture on Wednesday, 20 March but travelling to an unfamiliar court may pose questions for the visitors.

“We’re going into enemy territory, which is going to be interesting, it’ll be a bit different because we’re used to playing on our own courts.

“We’re familiar with that so I think that extra hurdle will make it a bit more difficult, but I think we’ll do well either way.” 

They’ll be looking to seek revenge this year after both men’s and women’s teams suffered 3-0 defeats with neither side picking up a set. 

Both starting teams are set to be announced on Monday ahead of the highly anticipated clash. 

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