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Volleyball Varsity 2024 preview: Gloucestershire seek revenge on Worcestershire

UOG volleyball’s Mohammed Sumani is keen to get retribution following defeat in Varsity 2023, with this year’s event just around the corner, the anticipation is building. Last year saw the University of Worcestershire win 3-1 at the Leisure at hall in Cheltenham, with the rematch promising to be a heated clash on Wenesday 20th March […]

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“It’ll be a really good experience either way” – UOG Volleyball’s Clara Martins ahead of next week’s Varsity clash 

The highly anticipated annual Varsity kicks off next week where sportsmen and women from the Universities of Gloucestershire and Worcester take part in a multi-sport event.  From rugby to equestrian, the winning team from each individual sport will come away with a crucial point for their respective universities.  The event kicks off with trampolining on […]