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Volleyball Varsity 2024 preview: Gloucestershire seek revenge on Worcestershire

UOG volleyball’s Mohammed Sumani is keen to get retribution following defeat in Varsity 2023, with this year’s event just around the corner, the anticipation is building.

Last year saw the University of Worcestershire win 3-1 at the Leisure at hall in Cheltenham, with the rematch promising to be a heated clash on Wenesday 20th March at Worcester Arena, Sumani is looking for vengeance.

UOG Volleyball’s Mohammed Sumani

“So far the season has been good, there was one game where i had to step up as captain, it was weird cause i’m normally more reserved, we won the game which helped, since then the team have been saying I was a strong captain. If i ever need to stand in again i’d happily do a job.”

Sumani isn’t quite convinced by his team so far this campaign, with captain Xander Howgate pushing them as far as he can.

“The chemistry isn’t quite there, we don’t get enough time to focus on ourselves, we find it hard to train consitently at the level we face, it’s always a shock when we play other Universities because they have bigger sqauds and we lag behind.

“Our offensive capabilities have improved, Xander (Howgate) has been pushing us to focus on our stamina, whilst looking at positioning.”

Former UOG Volleyball player Diego Tello in action in last year’s Varsity defeat

This year’s Varsity campaign is human rights, the 22-year-old gave his view on the decision.

“It’s a beautiful thing, it’s everything in this world, if people don’t have it in this world and it’s great their raising awareness for the cause.”

Worcester’s Jose Luis Fondes Bronsca Buzio, left-side attacker, is hoping to make it back to back victories in Worcester.

“I’m not feeling the pressure, i’m calm, when the time comes i might feel the slight pressure, i think the team improved a lot last year,” he said.

UOW Volleyball’s Jose Luis Fondes Bronzca Buzio

“We could’ve prepared more, the team is doing a really good job, they’ve acheived a lot since they started, I feel like the team is mostly freshers so they don’t know the pressure yet.”

The Portuguese second year is hoping to show his leadership following a first year in Varsity under his belt already.

“I try! It’s hard because everyone has such a strong personality, i try my best to mentor the team, i’m expecting their team to be better this year, we bring more to the table then what we brought to last year.”

Buzio is hoping for another competitve game after a heated exchange last time the cheese and sauce met, with some ‘trash talking’ being a talking point.

“It wasn’t friendly last year, it was competitive, it was a really heated game, it was toxic, that’s part of the game isn’t it.

“I hope we can provide a good game and get victory, everyone has been practicicing, i can see us winning 3-1.”

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