Coronavirus: Can you still play Golf whilst social distancing?

All sports remain off and the Government are urging people to practice ‘social distancing’ to protect those at risk to the Coronavirus.

In these unprecedented times, you maybe looking for something to do and the golf course is one spot where you can remain active, whilst adhering to government guidelines.

Social distancing is staying a minimum of two metres apart from one another and this prevents many sports from being able to take place.

Golfers are being advised to wear a glove if they touched the flag or rake, stand apart on the greens and tee off in 10-minute intervals.

Local club Lilleybrook is still open, and has set about these guidelines to their members to ensure peoples safety.

Green-keeper of the course and long serving UOG Golf member, Nathan Watts, believes that as long as everyone follows the guidelines, then Golf is a perfect social distancing activity.

“I believe in golf you can, as long as you follow guidelines.

In these serious times, its important that people keep active.

He outlined the following key pieces of advice for anyone thinking of taking to the course during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“Book online and over the phone, not in person. Change your shoes in the carpark, stay 2 metres away from your playing partner and leave the flag in during play.

“Make sure you ‘elbow bump’ on the 18th green and don’t shake hands. Make sure you wash your hands at the end of every round”

It remains to be seen whether the country will go into lock-down in the coming days, but as long as it remains safe to do and you follow Government advice, the golf course could provide the perfect outdoor break from isolation.

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