COVID-19 Ban to be lifted on playing Golf

The UK Government announced that golf will be able to resume in England on Wednesday 13th May. The announcement comes after a seven-week break from the sport but golfers must follow government guidelines.

New rules have been put in place with limits to how many people can play at a time. The game is to be enjoyed alone, or in groupings of up to four people from the same or two from different households but skill keeping social distancing rules.

Golf Clubs have also been told to keep to rules too with certain rules listed for the re-opening of golf courses. The clubs have been told by England Golf that they are to give sufficient access to hand sanitizers and antibacterial products in commercial areas. They must also remove the flagsticks or ask golfers to leave the flag in at all times. If the flagstick is left in they must use a hole liner system that means that the ball doesn’t drop and can be retrieved without touching the flag or cup.

Local clubs in Gloucestershire are all opening their courses following guidelines but the clubhouse, locker rooms and pro shops will not be open during till a later date.

From Monday, June 1 the normal fourballs format will be back in place. This means up to four golfers from four separate households can play together in one single group while maintaining social distancing regulations.

The European Tour will resume in July with a ”British swing’ of tournaments over six weeks in the UK beginning with the British Masters at Close House near Newcastle the opening tournament on July 22.

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