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“She’s been great all year” – Lossiemouth cruises home to win the JCB Triumph Hurdle

WP Mullins horse Lossiemouth sealed the victory on Friday’s JBC Triumph Hurdle, galloping ahead after the final hurdle. 

Following the race, Paul Townend told ITV Racing: “It wasn’t ideal at that stage of the race, to be honest, but, I wasn’t gonna fight her too much. She was throwing her head about a bit. She just wanted to get on with it.”

Ridden by jockey Townend, the horse was in the middle of a busy pack riding up the beginning. Jupiter De Guite had a fair lead the first few minutes of the race but Lossiemouth prevailed. 

“I didn’t question her stamina, so just wanted to keep it an even gallop,” he said, “and she’s actually, I found, I thought she was having a little look around on her way up this way.”

Hypotenus gave a fair fight towards the finish line but Lossiemouth took a solid lead securing victory.

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