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Messi to Saudi Arabia? Changing the law and the £200m question

Lionel Messi has been linked with a move to Saudi Arabia as his father arrived in the country with his agent supposedly to hear terms for a potential contract. 

It has been rumoured that Messi and current club Paris Saint Germain may be unable to agree on a new contract with his current deal expiring in June. This would involve a change in the country’s laws to increase the salary cap with supposed club Al Hilal unable to sign players until the summer. 

Authorities are said to be keen to reunite the players and see them face against each other once again, although it would not be on the same level as El Classico in any way. 

Other sources infer that Messi’s father and agent are in the country to negotiate commercial deals while others are set on a contract being offered. 

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The Saudi Professional League already boasts the accolade of hosting Cristiano Ronaldo with one of the greatest players of all time currently plying his trade for Al Nassr. His contract is worth around £200m over the two and a half years which clearly shows the investment in the game in the country and the willingness to go all out to attract big names. 

Plenty has been said about clubs such as Manchester City and Messi’s current employer PSG spending too much on players and wages but this move would see things go to a whole new level with the potential of Messi and Ronaldo earning almost £500m between them. 

It would be a shame to see the Argentinian depart from European football with his absence from the Champions League likely to be a cause of sorrow to many, however the ever growing finances of the game and opportunities financially and personally for everyone in Messi’s entourage could see this deal being far too good to turn down.

Having won everything there is to win, perhaps it is time for the GOAT to take it easy and relax in his final years.

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