Max Verstappen secures first F1 championship; will Mercedes win appeal?

Lewis Hamilton has lost out on a record breaking eighth World Championship, with Max Verstappen securing the Netherlands first ever Drivers title, in controversial circumstances.

Hamilton was in control of the race after a first lap overtake, eventually stretching out an 11 second lead, before a Nicholas Latifi crashed ensured a safety car and last lap mayhem which would send the title to Verstappen.

The cars between Verstappen and Hamilton were allowed to unlap themselves behind the Safety Car, but they were the only cars allowed to, which appears to be against the FiA rules and regulations, leading to backlash for the Race Director Michael Masi.

With the likes of British tennis player Heather Watson among the athletes to question the decision to deny Hamilton his eighth title.

“I’m no F1 expert, but Lewis Hamilton was robbed, what on earth just happened!?”

There was more British athletes unhappy with the result, with Spurs forward Harry Kane amongst the newer viewers confused by the decisions, although appeared to be entertained like many with what ended up being another classic race to a classic season.

The controversy will be likely to help the sport gain even more viewers ahead of next season’s start in March, with many appearing to look forward to the aftermath of the race and how it impacts everything going into next season.

Watson and Kane wasn’t the only viewer to be concerned by the proceedings however, with the likes of former Formula 1 World Champion Damon Hill concerned by the actions of Formula 1 director Michael Masi.

Hamilton has been quiet since the result on Sunday, and was reluctant to make any allegtions in his post race interview, full of praise for his competitor Verstappen.

However, it has been revealed that in his radio during the race, he seemed outraged at the overtake at the time, suggesting that the decision to allow Verstappen a comfortable winning, saying that the result was “rigged.”

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