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“I wanted my own stamp on things” Buster Davies on taking over The University of Gloucestershire managerial role before Varsity

The University of Gloucestershire (UoG) men’s football team are preparing for their massive Varsity clash against the University of Worcestershire.

One key addition to the University side has been the new manager Buster Davies who “can’t wait to get involved in his first Varsity for the university”.

“I have 6 players cemented to play so far” is what the new manager stated, as he is leaving his options.

“I’m currently an assistant where I am (Longlevens) and I think that having this role will help me improve as a coach”.

Davies couldn’t express enough how much he’s looking forward to “implementing my own tactics and getting the boys to play some good football”.

“It may take a little bit of time as it’s a lot of attention to detail.

Davies said “Hardworking and defensively organised, whilst also playing a highline of pressure” is what to expect from his side.

“I want to educate the players more on where they should be on and off the ball”.

“I believe the last game I went away from my principles a little bit and realised I need to stick to them instead for Varsity.”

Davies believed his last training session before Varsity would “give the boys one more chance before going into the big game”.

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