Houston Rockets’ James Harden a no-show for first practice of the season

James Harden was nowhere to be seen as he was due for his first practice of the season in the build up to the beginning of the NBA season.

Rockets’ Head Coach Stephen Silas was expecting Harden for an individual practice on Sunday but admitted he hadn’t been in recent contact with the eight-time NBA All-Star.

Speaking on Harden’s absence, Silas said: “I would just say I want him here, and I want him to be big part of what we are doing here. I’m excited to coach him and have him be a part of what we just had out there with a good practice, with a bunch of guys working hard.” Silas was signed as the Rockets’ Head Coach in October this year.

Harden has made it clear to the Rockets’ hierarchy that he wishes to leave Houston following the departure of long term coach Daryl Morey and teammate Russell Westbrook who joined the Washington Wizards last week.

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