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Gloucestershire Over 60s’ Edward Gordon Lennox shares his reaction on being selected for the World Cup

Gloucestershire over 60s’ player Edward Gordon Lennox has been selected to travel to India and compete in the Cricket World Cup.

Gordon Lennox expressed his excitement on the news: “Its very exciting, there are 18 of us who have been picked, not many of us have played out there so the opportunity to play in India is a great privilege.

The 61-year-old has also been given the role of vice captain and shared his thoughts towards it:

“I’ve got mixed feelings actually, its a great privilege but it’s a squad effort, it’s all about getting the team together, we are going to have some interesting times. India is hot, the games are going to come in quickly so we all need to chip in to be at our best.”

According to the England all rounder, preparations are well underway as the team travel up to Loughborough in December for a training camp.

“The fitness regime has ramped up a bit, lots of gym and outdoor stuff, a bit of biking with some nets every week, so we are all getting going. The WhatsApp group is being used to share that everyone is up and at it, which is great news.

“We have our schedule now so we know who we are playing and when, it’s subject to change but we’ve got that. So we have lots to think about and lots to do.”

Gordon Lennox has already made six international appearances, including helping England win the six-team Carib Cup earlier this year with a 70-run final win over the Aussies in Barbados.

The team have a handful of achievements from the past year that has allowed them to begin preparations with confidence. “It’s been a roller coaster really, we started in February in Barbados, then the Grey Ashes was an extraordinary trip, we had five games which we won 3-2 and then the squad went off to Canada. I wasn’t involved in that but they levelled the series with Australia.

“We then did well against two sides in a tri-series tournament with Wales and Scotland, so its been a busy year and we are all leading up to this opportunity to try and go and win the world cup.”

England over 60s will face New Zealand in their first game of the tournament and Gordon Lennox shared his opinions on the team “They are a good side and were runners up in the last world cup in Australia. They’ve had an over 50s side here in England and are going to be a good team so we need to be ready and prepared.”

Their first game will take place against the Black Caps on the 19th of February 2024.

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