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Coronavirus raises concerns over WrestleMania 36

Wrestlemania is WWE’s annual showpiece event and, ahead of its 36th anniversary, word is beginning to spread in regard to its latent cancellation after sporting events over the world are postponed.

WWE’s Wrestlemania declares to be ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’, attracting fans globally on a yearly basis; however, its magnificence may be minimised as the rates of the coronavirus continue to escalate worldwide.

The ‘show of shows’ is WWE’s pièce de résistance, and the possible cancellation of the show set to take place in Florida on April 5th has rattled the wrestling sphere to dramatic extents.

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Gloucestershire’s Evolution Wrestling General Manager Lewis Nicholls is one of many fans who has vocalised their discontent regarding the potential abandonment of the 36th annual event.

 “I fully understand taking safety precautions; however, I feel the media has scared the public with all the mongering.

I think to cancel the event at the current rate is a little hasty, in my opinion.

As it currently stands, I don’t think any wrestling events should be cancelled; however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think they will be.”

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Popular superstars in the company such as Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins still continue to perform up to five times per week, which naturally raises more health concerns for both the fans and the locker room.

Nicholls continues: “Safety precautions in the WWE over the last few years have improved dramatically.

I know that NXT stars must have a qualified first aider at any indie show they attend, so it seems that the welfare of wrestlers is being taken a lot more seriously than previous years.”

The present-day estimation of the virus according to worldometer is just under 130,000 cases, with around about 68,000 recoveries and 4,700 deaths.

Despite the ongoing speculation and controversy surrounding the situation, Wrestlemania is still planned to proceed on schedule and, in expected fashion, wrestling fans took to twitter to meet the announcement with plenty of opposition.

The aforementioned opposition against Wrestlemania 36 making headway this April will naturally source hesitation from both WWE management and the event organisers as the coronavirus rates rise.

Nontheless, the current state of the situation suggests that 65,000 fans will still be making the trip to Hulk Hogan’s hometown of Tampa, Florida within the next few weeks.

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