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WWE- Vince McMahon attempting new match layout for Money in the Bank

The latest PPV on the WWE’s radar is ‘Money in the bank’. The much-loved event is normally very anticipated every year as the staple Money in the Bank match is always a must-watch. With the current situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, WWE is continuing to broadcast weekly behind closed doors in their performance centre in […]

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Biggest wrestling event of the year cancelled? How coronavirus has affected Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon loves many things; family, money, big muscly men but most importantly the thing McMahon loves most is Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is McMahon’s brain child, his proudest idea but now with the global spread of coronavirus; it is in real jeopardy of being cancelled. With the event set to take place in Tampa Bay, Florida […]


The Revolution of Evolution: Gloucestershire’s leading wrestling company appoint a new general manager

Evolution Wrestling of Gloucestershire have appointed a new general manager in the form of TV and Radio Broadcaster, Lewis Nicholls. The Cornwall-born presenter typically interviews celebrities on The Cornwall Channel, alongside having his own weekly radio show. However, the 26-year-old has opted for a career change as he put pen-to-paper over the weekend for Gloucestershire’s […]


Evolution Wrestling appoint a new General Manager

Gloucestershire’s leading wrestling promotion, Evolution Wrestling, have appointed a new general manager in TV and Radio broadcaster, Lewis Nicholls. Nicholls, a celebrity interviewer for Radio Winchcombe, has been announced as the new authority figure in the company of 15-years, and has promised to explore and implement fresh ideas for a more entertaining product. “I am […]