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Gloucester Rugby: Whats gone wrong?

Gloucester’s last game on the weekend saw an end to their winning streak as they lost 20-14 points at home in Kingsholm.

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Unfortunately for Gloucester, the Tigers lead strong from the start, leading 15-7 at the half way marked finally finishing on a 20-14 point loss. The recent loss for the cherry and whites means that they are unable to get off the bottom of the Gallagher table.

Their two game winning streak over Wasps and Worcester meant that Gloucester overtook the Warriors, shaking their bottom spot position. However with a recent loss, the Warriors loom is the shadows with only a three point difference.

“We’ve had a couple of good weeks and this won’t change anything on our playing going forward. It’s disappointing right now and its not the way we would like to play out but it’s experience.”

Said Gloucester head coach, George Skivington

As all clubs have this time of year, the teams have been feeling the strain on player selection as they are called up for Six Nations duties, including Gloucester’s Johnny May, hot shot Louis Rees-Zammit and Chris Harris to name a few. But is this the reason for Gloucester’s poor form this season?

This is the first season for newly appointed, George Skivington after the departure of Johan Ackerson last year to Japan where he left the cherry and whites finishing the season in eights place.

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