Who is the best American footballer in the UK? And how a Instagram account has decided

The UK American football scene is one of the fastest emerging of it’s kind in the. We’re now seeing more and more young talented footballers produced in the UK going on to succeed all over Europe and in the United States.

The instagram account @Uk_Top_Ballers was set up in 2020, tasked with the idea of finding out the best UK prospects in each position. The rankings were decided via public votes and the process began to gain attraction as nearly 300 voted were sent in total.

The nominations were a mix of players at University, overseas players, international and adult so the idea of selecting just 10 per category was rigorous.

Below are the final results posted on the account, with the position and last or current team of the player.


  1. Chris Bay, Filton Pride
  2. Angus Cook, Tamworth Phoenix
  3. Rohan Sandhu, University of Birmingham Lions
  4. George Reynolds, NFL Academy
  5. Nathan Lester , UWE
  6. Matthew John, NFL Academy/ Ex GBU19
  7. Liam McGovern, NTU Renegades

Wide Recievers

  1. Ziko Suave Jr, CAI Knights
  2. Lander Imbimbo, Valparaiso University USA
  3. Diego Herrate, University of Birmingham
  4. Reece Antonio Aroture
  5. Will Wright, Bristol Pride
  6. Leonardo Sophoclis, Great Britain
  7. Darren Agu, NFL Academy
  8. AJ Carr, Filton Pride
  9. Jahoy Stewart, NFL Academy
  10. Jacob Mann, Bryant Football

Running Backs

  1. Mattijs Lasore, William & Mary University, USA
  2. Aaron Mahoney-Jones, University of Birmingham Lions
  3. Tyrese Johnson-Fishser, Coastal Carolina University
  4. Travis Fraser, Filton Pride
  5. Cian Borra, Filton Pride
  6. Ethan Claridge, Filton Pride
  7. Alnas Kariem Abrams, Tamworth Phoenix
  8. Thomas Jones, GB U19


  1. George Rimes, UWE Bullets
  2. Fisayo Olukoya, GB Lions
  3. Lenny Kistler, Filton Pride
  4. Billy Elliott, Tamworth Phoenix
  5. Jordan Lee, GB Lions
  6. Fabian Christofferen, Denmark
  7. Theo Eddy, University of Birmingham Lions
  8. Omar Elbed, Filton Pride
  9. Sean Lewis, Kent Exiles


  1. Toby Naylor, GB U19 International
  2. Michael Abera, Bristol Pride
  3. Kofi Taylor, NFL Academy
  4. Bram Leys, Bristol Pride
  5. Ayo Oyelola, University of Nottingham
  6. Frank Godfree, Bristol Pride
  7. Joe Christian, Filton Pride
  8. James Green, UWE
  9. Matt Brown

Defensive Backs

  1. Jairo Faverus, University of West Virginia
  2. Eddie Onamade, Carlstad Crusaders
  3. Joe Cassidy, GB U19’S/ Filton Pride
  4. Chad Walrond, University of Hertfordshire Hurricanes
  5. Nathan Willis, Filton Pride
  6. Andrew Banda, Filton Pride
  7. Khalid Adisa, NFL Academy
  8. Kieron Johnson, GB International
  9. Apollo Kagimu, NFL Academy

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