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Cheltenham Town Ladies awaits FA’s decision amid Coronavirus lockdown

Cheltenham Town Ladies have seen their season get suspended due to the Government’s decision to impose a second lockdown that came into effect on Thursday, November 5.

Tom Davies’ side has come across another hurdle with recent rules of lockdown not permitting non-elite women’s football teams to train or play until after lockdown is lifted on December 2.


The 29-year-old boss said: “It’s not ideal and it’s come at a time where all clubs are starting to find their feet, getting into a rhythm of training and games but it affects us the same.

“Everyone’s in the same boat and we look forward to coming back into the routine of it all again. Once again it highlights how much we all value what we do and the importance it has within our lives.

Courtesy of Cheltenham Town Ladies Twitter.

“We’ve worked with players to maintain their physiological outputs as best we can, looking to include different types of training methods. We’ve then spent time with the performance analysis and reviewed game clips with specific units to develop our whole game.

“We’re also trying to ensure we’re looking after one another, with some players contracting COVID, some having to isolate and everyone else within the whole lockdown, we’ve spent time having socials, chats and helping each other through this difficult time.”

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With amid fears of the Women’s season not resuming post-lockdown, elite teams have been given the clear to continue training and playing matches even as far as academy teams.

Fans have taken to social media to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with FA’s inconsistency.

Davies continued: “More than anything I think it’s highlighted that there is a massive difference in approaches to training and facilities that could easily be changed by the majority of clubs and therefore would allow women’s teams to have continued, similar to how majority of academy sides have done with adapted protocols. 

“It’s a difficult one to comment on, we’d all like for the sport we love to be enjoyed by everyone all the time, no matter their gender or ability, however sometimes this isn’t possible.

“This is where I’d prefer energy to be spent on, looking how we can work together to embed the women’s sections of club into the whole club, with funding and access to facilities.” 

Cheltenham Town Ladies will discover their fate at the beginning of December once lockdown is lifted.

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