What does Adama Traore mean to Wolves fans?

Winger Adama Traore is close to signing a new long-term deal with Wolves and it is rumoured that he will earn £100k a week, making him the highest earning player at the club along with Raul Jimenez.

After being linked with Premier League champions Liverpool and boyhood club Barcelona, Wolves fans can breathe a sigh of relief at the prospect of their star man staying put.

Avid Wolves fan Roniel Callo is one of them. He said: “The fans love him and he is a very exciting person to watch. He seems like a good character in the team too and will develop under Nuno.

“I believe he is an important player to have in the team, as he does create a lot of problems for the opposition. Although, if he were to leave it would be for a substantial amount [of money], which could see further investment in the squad.”

Although Callo recognises Traore’s monetary value, he doesn’t underestimate how important the Spaniard is on the pitch.

“Traore offers a unique option that not many teams in world football can bolster. He has the ability to take two to three opposition players out of position which frees up space for other team mates – this has been a factor in Adama and Raul’s [Jimenez] partnership.

“His dribbling ability and the way he carries the ball through numerous obstacles is a very exciting watch.”

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Before his move to Premier League outfit Wolves, Traore enjoyed a season at Middlesbrough where he netted five times, the same amount he has for Wolves so far despite facing criticism for his end product.

Yet, Callo believes the 24-year-old is finally being given the credit he deserves for how crucial the factors of his playing style are to Nuno’s side.

“I don’t think he is underrated anymore, but I do think he needs to work on his finishing, as this is an area that could transfer him into a complete player.

“The best areas of his game are his dribbling abilities. He could improve by working on his shooting, as he has often been criticised for his end product but as seen last season he recorded a lot of assists, so it’s just the finishing which he needs to work on.”

“I believe in this market 100k a week is a fair wage for a player linked to Liverpool, Barcelona and Juventus in recent times. It is important for him to remain grounded and continue to work hard in order to provide for the team.”

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