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Varsity 2022: Hockey, Tennis, Futsal and Trampolining taking place in today’s event between University of Gloucestershire and University of Worcester

Varsity between the University of Gloucestershire and University of Worcester continues today with four events taking place at Oxstalls Sports Park.

Gloucestershire currently lead 5-4 in the events and by the end of the day will look to take a greater advantage after losing last year’s varsity to their rivals.

Worcester have taken the points in badminton, basketball, athletics, and women’s football whereas Gloucestershire’s points have come in equestrian, volleyball, dance, netball, and men’s football.

With revenge on Gloucestershire’s mind, let’s look at today’s events.

12:00 – Women’s Hockey

On the hockey court sees University of Gloucestershire take on their rivals, where Worcester could equalise in the events. Gloucestershire are looking to continue their winning streak from their BUCS season.

12:00 – Men’s Tennis

The second lunchtime game is between the rivals’ tennis clubs. There are four competing in the event, Piers Bodily, Jonny Marks, Olly Newsome and Edward Battersby all looking to take home the win, after defeating Worcester in last year’s event.

14:30 – Women’s Futsal

It’s the first women’s futsal tie in varsity for three years with Gloucestershire looking to defeat their rivals at Oxstalls Sports Park in the afternoon. Worcester futsal’s last game came in the Women’s Midland Conference Cup Final where they defeated the University of Nottingham 6-4 to claim the title. With many players the same from the football teams on Friday, Gloucestershire will be looking for redemption today.

18:30 – Trampolining

Last to compete on the day is the trampolining teams, who face each other in the evening. The trampolines will be set up after the futsal game is complete and ready for action for the first time in three years.

It’s set to be an eventful day at Oxstalls Sports Park, but who will be in the lead by the end of the day?

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