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trust Aspire go bust leaving many people jobless and different sporting facilities having to temporarily close.

The charitable foundation trust Aspire has gone into administration last week which has cost the loss of over 150 jobs.

This liquidation has resulted in the closure of many sports facilities which has affected a lot of University of Gloucestershire student’s as they’ve been part of different sports teams.

The closure of the outdoor astro, the indoor tennis courts, the swimming pool etc has meant that the UOG football and rugby teams cannot train as they can’t access the astro turf at Plock Court.

The Oxstalls Campus Sports Hall, Arena, GL1, Tennis Centre and the Hockey Pitches have all been affected by this liquidation.

We spoke to leader of the Labour party in the Gloucester City Council, Tree Chambers-Dubus.

She gave her thoughts on the whole situation and she has said “I hope over the next few weeks we will find some way of starting to get some services back online, whether that’s here or elsewhere and we will continue to work”.

GL1 is home to many sporting activities including badminton, trampolining and swimming etc.

GL1 has been the place for sport in the Gloucester city area for years.

“If people want to contact us about what they feel or think with their ideas we would love to hear from you”.

“People on Friday morning had a job and now they haven’t”.

Over 150 people will now be looking for a different job if this situation can’t be sorted.

Lots of emails have been sent out to all the UOG sports clubs informing them about the situation and within the men’s football they’ve had to cancel training a couple

Tree believes “there should’ve been a plan to carry through so that people continue to be employed and so that the people of Gloucester could continue to use all the facilities”.

The whole situation has been a possibility since January and not much has been done to prevent it.

Tree and her colleague have been trying for ages to speak to Aspire and ‘get them round the table’ to try and come up with a resolution but nothing has come about and the council face an even bigger task.

All facilities remain out of action until they can sort it out which Tree hope’s is soon but until then certain UOG sport teams will have to access other facilities in order to train for their sporting fixtures.

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