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Match Report: Swindon Town vs Bridgwater Utd

Swindon Town Women secured their first clean sheet of the season after a 3-0 victory agansit Bridgwater united in the WPL Division One league on Sunday. 

An early goal from Captain Georgia Clifford gave Town a good start in the early stages of the first half. 

It was another bright start and another early goal for Swindon, with skipper Georgia Clifford unmarked inside the box, and found the back of the net with a thrashing strike after just two minutes. 

The game continued very lively for Town after the goal, with a close chance that fell to top goal scorer Annie Colston who attempted a karate- like volley but it flew inches wide from the net.

The reds did not stop, and another dangerous moment fell for Town when Colston drove past Bridgwater’s defence for his partner Holly Beck-Esson, who connected with the ball from the right and forced Keeper Georgia Hunt to make a fingertip save. 

After maintaining majority of possession, Town squeezed a goal just before the half time whistle, with the infamous Colston stunned the County Ground with a wonder strike from the edge of the box.

Bridgwater started the second half brightly, with a shot from close range which forced keeper McGrogan to make a quick save early in the second 45. 

The game evened out for the next 15 minutes until an opportunity fell the way of Beck-Esson from a cross by Helena Diaz-Butcher which her header found the keepers hands. 

As the game approached the final 15 minutes, Town were keen to keep the pressure ongoing, with beautiful passing from Beck-Esson to Ellie Strippel on the right-hand side but the final set piece was not clinical enough.

A late 90-minute action would see Town on the counterattack with a Colston shot that was deflected off the keeper which bounced to Mia Mugford, and her shot was just cleared off the line. 

With only seconds left to play, Emison Evans was seen with plenty of space and the 17-year-old did not disappoint as she struck an absolute volley into the back of the net that would secure Town a 3-0 victory.

Following this positive result and a clean sheet, Swindon Town Women now look ahead to their next midweek fixture in the WPL Divison One League against Maidenhead United. 

Swindon Town: McGrogan, Viveash, Graham, Jarvis (Mugford 81) , MacDonald (Beck-Esson 28), Colston, Diaz-Butcher, Strippel (Evans 81) , Haynes, Hull (Randall 85), Clifford

Bridgwater Utd: Hunt, Moises, Banfield, Owen, Arnold, Bell (Charles 66), Barry, Watts (Bishop 54), Tappin, Everson, Snook

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