“It’s all unravelled” – Gloucester City Co-Chairman on Covid-19 and the National League

Gloucester City will travel to face Alfreton Town on Tuesday in the National League North amidst much controversy.

COVID-19 has disrupted the last year of non-league football, and now threatens to null and void a second successive season.

Gloucester Co-Chairman Alex Petherham believes a further suspension, or even cancellation, of the season would be catastrophic.

“[It would be a] massive negative for club without a doubt.

“We’ve put ourselves in a good position with our form throughout the season and we’ve done remarkably well to stay in the mix. We’d be delighted to see out the season and know that we’ve achieved something rather than have all our hard work and progress we’ve made result in nothing come the end of the season.”

City are six points clear at the top of the table after a flying start to 2020/21.

Various clubs have expressed their stances on the future of the campaign via statements recently, including Chester, who despite a good league position, have publicised their support for the option to null and void the 2020/21 season.

“Some clubs, most clubs in fact, are facing real issues with money.

“Look at Chester for example, they’re second in the league, absolutely flying and they have a great squad and great staff but they cant afford to play financially, and above anything that’s what is pushing their agenda to stop play as a fan-owned club.”

As well as the split views of clubs, Petherham isn’t happy with the league and governing bodies’ approach to the pandemic either.

“This season has just been a nightmare from the start; at least last season it was easier because we had played more games and there was something to go off.

“One thing every club can agree on right now is the heartache that we are now facing, knowing how tough it has been and how tough it will continue to be should we hopefully keep going.

“That’s where the league has failed the clubs for me because they allowed the season to start with all of this going on in the first place, and with no real strategy. It’s all unraveled.”

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