“I was shocked how close to death she was” Ex-Gloucester Rugby lock Charlie Beckett on first series of new podcast

When thinking about the best things to come out of a pandemic, some may say Captain Tom Moore’s heroism, others may say Liverpool’s historic title win or even further into the distance some may say the “Brew With Beckett” podcast.

The first series features six episodes in total, all in the region of an hour long with guests from a range of sports bringing engaging anecdotes and stories.

It is hosted by former Gloucester lock Charlie Beckett, now with Ampthill in the RFU Championship.

Beckett is known in the rugby world for his likeable character and strong opinions which are voiced through his column in ‘Talking Rugby Union.’

The first series finished in early March with BBC NFL pundit and former player Jason Bell. After a wave of positive reviews the focus appears to have shifted to a possible second season

“I’ve found the podcast hugely enjoyable to make but far more challenging and time-consuming than I expected,” Beckett said.

“Both with recordings and promoting on social media etc. I will definitely be looking to continue it with a second series and hopefully more.

“The brand sponsoring the podcast were very easy to work with and very hands-off and let me make the podcast I wanted which was great.

Just how did this opportunity come about though? Beckett explains it all began 12 months when his potential was seen.

“The opportunity came about off the back of some Instagram lives I did in the first lockdown 12 months ago.

“The prep before the first episode in total, from the idea first being discussed to the first episode going out was about 6 months from start to the first upload.

Many would assume that balancing the duties of being a professional athlete and a podcast manager would be some sort of a nightmare to organise. The current Ampthill scrummager insists that is very much the case.

“Being a professional sportsman takes up so much of my time, with training, analysis and recovery that it’s not been easy making and promoting the podcast too.

“Without the support of my editors Louis and Lucas doing the editing I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

The first series of the Liverpool native’s podcast featured professionals from a range of sports and leagues including American football, women’s football, men’s and women’s rugby and wrestling for example.

This concoction of professions was not done by accident however as Beckett explains.

“I purposely wanted a range of sports, as I didn’t want to be just ‘another rugby podcast’ which it very easily could have become.

“I really enjoy having a wide range of guests from a wide range of sports. In the future, I would love to have guests from other fields as well as sports.

“Music and entertainment especially but also would love to have some cricketers and more footballers.

“I’d love to add cricketers, equestrian and netballers in the future as well as maybe athletes from more combat sports.”

The series is jam-packed with great moments, anecdotes and guests when quizzed about his favourite guest and story so far Beckett had this to say.

“My favourite guest was Jason Bell, as a massive Dallas Cowboys fan, it was almost a dream of mine to have a former Cowboy on.

“The most surprising story was from Rosie Galligan however and just listening to her I was shocked how close to death she was with her meningitis.”

All episodes of the Brew With Beckett podcast are available to view and listen to on Spotify and Youtube.

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