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Gloucestershire boxer Max Mudway: Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, Local Glory and the impact of lockdown

After already winning one fight to become undefeated in four, 2020 was on track for being a huge year for Stroud-based boxer Max Mudway.

His victory against Jan Ardon in Birmingham was the first time he has fought out of the South West and was just the boost he needed to push on for a busy year of bouts.

However, just under a month later, the UK was plunged into the first of several national lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It meant all gyms were ordered to shut and the boxing, and sporting world in general, came to a standstill.

“It was hard,” Mudway explained. “Considering I was supposed to have another fight in April and then another fight in June, then I probably would have had another two fights to close out that year; in total, in 2020 alone, I probably would have had four or five fights and I only had one in the end.”

Despite the sheer uncertainty that the professional boxer faced, Mudway’s determination to strive for better never wavered.

“I was always just trying to look towards that end goal of it is going to end at some point so just keep grinding and keep digging,” he said.

“At any point the phone could call so you’ve got to be ready and that was my motivation really.”

The 25-year-old is currently unbeaten after four bouts and it is clear to see that he has his eyes firmly on the prize in terms of what he wants next.

“As soon as everything opens back up and we’re allowed crowds again, I’ll be stepping into my first six-rounder of my career and then I’ll be looking to aim for the Southern Area title which should come at some point before the end of 2021 I’m hoping,” confirmed Mudway.

It comes as no surprise that the local boxing talent should have an opinion on what will be arguably one of the biggest fights in UK boxing history; Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury.

In a debate that divides most of the nation, Mudway had his say on who takes the glory at the end of the match up.

“It’s been a while since AJ has been in the ring and the way Fury has been fighting in his last couple of fights, with Wilder and that, and since he’s had the new trainer, he’s been absolutely class. I think Fury takes it for me,” he declared. “I think Fury could potentially knock him out as well.”

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