Football v Homophobia Youth Panel launch 2021 Month of Action

Football v Homophobia Youth Panel have announced that #FvH2021 will be kicking off on February 1. 

Football v Homophobia exists to challenge discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression in all levels in football.

This year’s month of action is a little different to previous ones due to how the organisation can conduct the campaign due to Covid-19.

Not just that, but this is also the first time the Youth Panel have set up their own flurry of events as well as the main Football v Homophobia board. 

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“I encourage young people to sign up, to be inspired by messages from people their own ages.”

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FvH Youth Panel Co-Coordinator Beatrice Thirkettlehas had this to say on the upcoming month of action.

“I’m excited about the range of different events and activities that have been organised by the Youth Panel for this year’s Month of Action.

“Core to our work as a Youth Panel is education, events and communication.

“People who sign up to our events will hear from a diverse range of voices, sharing personal experiences and thoughts on how to develop the game for the better.

“I encourage young people to sign up, to be inspired by messages from people their own ages. I also encourage adults to sign up and listen to the important voices of young people.”

Leon Mann “excited” to participate in this year’s month of action 

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On February 19, the panel have set up an event looking into diversity in the football media.

Sam Clarke who is an LGBTQ+ Broadcast Journalism student is hosting the event. Names such as, Jon Holmes (LGBTQ+ Sky Sports Editor and Writer), Emma Smith and JP Casey will be joining as part of the panel.

BCOMS founder Leon Mann, who is a big supporter of LGBTQ+ is also featuring on the panel, and he is ‘excited’ to feature in such event.

“Im really excited about the event. Organisations like Football v Homophobia didn’t exist when I was starting off, and I think it is a brilliant thing that we have these groups now, because people can be themselves and have places to go to feel confident, to get information and to be part of a community.”, said Mann

“So, to have a group like this is brilliant and the fact FvH Youth are putting on their own events is fantastic, particularly at this time when we’re all locked inside.”

Leon is sure to make a great guest on the diversity panel with the amazing work he has done with trying to improve BAME representation within the sports media.

You can sign up for the event on the Football v Homophobia website.

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