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RAINBOW LACES: Cheltenham Town manager and players show support and unity towards future openly gay players and potential teammates

Cheltenham Town manager and players demonstrate their support for any future player that comes out as openly gay. During this years Rainbow Laces, the aim of the campaign is to make sport more of a safer and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ fans. And one way that safety of supporters could be enhanced is if a […]


Rainbow Laces: Newly found Rainbow Blades and other fan groups giving a support network for LGBTQ+ fans

With the upcoming annual Rainbow Laces campaign on the horizon, newly found fan groups like Rainbow Blades are giving LGBTQ+ fans the platform to feel safe watching and attending the sport they love. Damning statistics have always portrayed the fact that football hasn’t always been an inclusive place for LGBTQ+ fans. Stats from Stonewall suggest […]