Football Manager 2020: things to try while the game is still free

Perhaps one of the best, and smartest, reactions to this pandemic has to be from Sports Interactive – allowing hundreds of thousands of hopelessly bored football fans the opportunity to fill the void left by coronavirus by making Football Manager 2020 free to play for a week.

And having played the game A LOT over the years, as well as being really excited about all this free time, I also know many people will become addicted and acquire a need to continue playing beyond this free period.

So, with this marketing stunt of the year still leaning in your favour, here are some things to try on the game before it is no longer free play (from Wednesday):

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  1. Develop some ‘wonderkids’

I never feel more accomplished than when I uncover the next big thing! Whether it be for one of Europe’s giants or a conference level team, bringing in and developing youngsters is one of the most virtually rewarding feelings a football fanatic can get.

It will require you playing through quite a few seasons but it’s not like you don’t have the time to, right? But, just in case a couple days is too short for you to find your own starlets, I have gathered a few of my recommendations below:

2. Take on the challenges

When starting a new save, the norm is to begin fresh, with a new team before a ball is even kicked. You might find this boring though, and so you could select one of the preset challenges and test the depths of your managerial skills from the comfort of your quarantine.

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The challenges:

The Saviour Cometh – unleash your inner Sam Allardyce and join a team stuck in a relegation fight and try to keep them afloat – just don’t lose the England job when you get it.

Injury Crisis – improvise, adapt and overcome as your first team squad are hit with a freak series of injuries.

Unrest at Home – try your best to impress as your team of Paul Pogba’s find your appointment unambitious and underwhelming.

The Invincibles – annoy a Liverpool fan by going the entire season unbeaten, maybe even share your result at Vicarage Road with them.

Austerity Measures – as your club’s bank account seems to be draining, you must sell your highest earning players to tide the club over.

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You Can’t Win Anything With Kids- use those youngsters you’ve found to prove all those doubters wrong.

The Dangers of Capitalism – survive the wrath of a new owner and avoid being sacked by the end of the season.

3. Create a club

If those challenges are failing to inspire you then why not get creative and just make a team outright. You can design everything, from the badge and the kit to even making yourself as a player – but try and resist putting all your attributes to 20.

4. Start unemployed

And if you still have no idea what to do, why not just iron your best suit, attend a bunch of interviews and see where it takes you. Make sure to load a lot of leagues so you’re not limited to just a few countries.

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