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FIFA 20 Icon club: Who shouldn’t have made the cut?

FIFA 20, one of the most popular video games in the world, is the latest enstallment of the FIFA franchise that continues to enthral football fans season upon season. Inside the games biggest game mode, FIFA Ultimate Team. They have released ‘Icon’ cards which gives the player of the game an opportunity to play as legendary footballers of previous generations. This ranges from Rio Ferdinand to Pele. But how many of these players actually deserve their iconic status when numerous players have missed out. Here are my top 5 swaps for the FIFA 20 Icon Club.

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1. Juan Sebastian Veron

A hard fought central midfielder with a touch of Argentinian flair. Veron had a successful domestic career collecting five league titles across the world. Including a Premier League title, however his actual performances were poor and intern he failed to cement a place in that Manchester United team. I find it hard to include him as an icon when the same type of player, but with a lot more credentials in Graeme Souness is not included.

Souness holding the European Cup

The Scotsman was part of the iconic 80’s Liverpool team which included multiple league titles and European trophies. So this would be my first swap.

IN: Souness OUT: Veron

2. Jens Lehmann

Lehmann isn’t even the best German keeper of the 21st century. He never won a Champions League and only has three league titles to his name. The standard of icons as a goalkeeper on the game is the likes of Peter Schmichael and Lev Yashin, Lehmann doesn’t quite fit into this category. Instead, his predecessor does, Oliver Kahn won eight league titles, one Champions League and a European Championship. Aswell as more caps than Lehmann for his country, he out weighs the former Arsenal shot-stopper in credentials undoubtedly. For that, this is my second swap.

IN: Kahn OUT: Lehmann

3. Rui Costa

Costa was part of the early 2000’s giant AC Milan team, despite this his actual contributions were slim for a central attacking midfielder. Eleven goals in 192 appearances wasn’t even in the same league as some of his counter-parts such as Kaka who scored 70 goals in one more appearance. Therefore I don’t feel Rui Costa deserves an icon card. In his place is a man who won multiple league titles, a European cup and a World Cup. Not only did he help redefine one of the biggest clubs in the world right now in Manchester United, he was also instrumental in leading England to their greatest success in 1966. I’m talking about Sir Bobby Charlton, the Manchester United talisman scored 249 goals in 758 club games, compared to Costa’s mere 97 goals in 684 appearances. With all these factors in mind, this is my third swap.

IN: Charlton OUT: Costa

4. Javier Zanetti

Javier Zanetti

Zanetti is a multiple winner in Italy and was a true Inter Milan servant. Unfortunately he’s competing against arguably the greatest right-back of all time, Cafu. A two time World Cup champion, multiple league titles and a Champions League winner. The Brazilian has also been included in countless team of the decades and all time XI’s, including ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately this is nothing against the quality of Zanetti but Cafu is just better, therefore this is my fourth swap.

IN: Cafu OUT: Zanetti

5. Marc Overmars

The flying dutchman had a great career, he peaked playing for Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona. A Champions League winner, multiple league winner and 86 Dutch caps to his name. It would take a lot to knock Marc Overmars out of the icon club. Up step, David Beckham, this man personifies icon. Eight time league title holder, Champions League winner, Ballon d’or runner up and single handedly revolutionised football in America. Off the pitch, Beckham became a global celebrity which is why I can’t understand as to why he isn’t an icon on Fifa. Well thats why this is my fifth and final pick.

IN: Beckham OUT: Overmars

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