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“Drunken idiots” hospitality workers on the experiences they face during Cheltenham race week

The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest event other than Christmas in the local area’s business calendar. 

ParkLifeSport spoke to two Cheltenham hospitality workers to find out what it’s like to work during race week. 

“Cheltenham race week is well known internationally, so Cheltenham becomes very populated. 

So, working in hospitality is crazy, stressful at times, obviously packed with lots of people coming in, but overall, it’s quite fun and you get through it and pull it together.”

Over this period businesses asks a lot of their employees to do longer shifts and to put themselves out in situations they may not have faced before.

With the increase in mental health and well-being coverage, local businesses are taking overworking employees seriously. 

“I work with a very strong team, there is check ins from management and making sure everyone is ok and members of staff have not experienced anything inappropriate. 

which if they have will be taken straight to the necessary person to deal with.” a second hospitality worker said.

“We have an app that everyone has access to which has a helpline feature which is very useful.”

With some members general-public drinking from early in the morning, members of staff working late in the evening can be faced with some anti-social behaviour. 

“It’s probably not putting me off to do it again in the future, but when there is alcohol there is a lot of drunks and this means there is time where people will be kicked out for inappropriate comments made to bar staff. 

However, I think it’s an experience and it’s fun to work and you can say you have worked such a big event.”

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