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Captain Xander Howgate has high hopes for University of Gloucestershire Volleyball and seeks Varsity revenge on Worcester

University of Gloucestershire volleyball first team have been preparing ”very hard” for the BUCS season ahead.

Although the trials were unsuccessful to bring in players into the first team, Howgate described the team as ‘’solid’’ and ‘’super hard-working’’.

‘’We finalised the final details like rotation and tactics, which have cost us last season’’.

The goal now for the team is the Varsity title win.

The team prioritised working on togetherness and building a bond between each other as that is what was seemed to be missing in last year’s campaign.

‘’The goals this year are to finish higher in the league and win the varsity’’.

Team captain clearly explained that the team is not happy with last season and want to achieve much more this year for the club.

‘’Being too nice cost us games, we sometimes need the harsh and risky decisions’’.

The squad recognised that they need to take risks in certain fixtures to gain the edge over their opponents and decided that the appointment of new captain Xander Howgate this year could be the missing piece.

Howgate labelled himself as, ‘’determined and having the ability to take the risky decisions in games’’.

The Croatian who grew up in Britain has saw himself a big step up in changing position from the Opposite to a Outside. The player believes this is the best position for him and for his team.

As for Varsity, Howgate believes to have insight that Worcester have signed two new great additions to strengthen their squad for this year.

Despite these the captain believes the better understanding and togetherness of the squad this year can get achieve them the win.

‘’Volleyball is a team of sport and creating a squad, not a team of individuals’’.

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