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Young Cheltenham resident uses the races to raise money for disadvantaged Kenyan children

15-year-old, Johnnie Poseidon Stanimeros, sets up a stall every year selling chocolate, drinks and snacks for those passing by. This unique effort is to raise money for a Kenyan boy named Luke. “All the money goes to him who I sponsor to try and give a standard way of living,” said Stanimeros.

“I set up every year and have done since I was nine. This year I’m doing umbrellas as it’s pretty wet this morning so I thought it’d be a good idea,” he continued.

Stanimeros has never been to the races himself but has had some successful years in the past.

“My highest year was probably the year before COVID-19, I think I raised £1000 for him, that was probably my highest grossing year. Not only does it help him but it helps his family and the village too,” explained Stanimeros.

“I want to raise at least £600 this year. The races is always good fun, it boosts people’s spirits. I think all the stalls along here really enjoy it. We get stalls up and down the street on and off each year. There’s a young lad who plays his guitar up the road. It’s all in good fun come the races.”

Approximately 260,000 racegoers attended the races last year and Stanimeros is situated on the drive of his house. The youngster is looking to cash in on the good spirits of the races despite the splash this morning.

“The races obviously boosts the local economy and it’s good fun to see everyone flock in even in the rain” described Stanimeros.

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