“You can learn so many lessons from boxing”: Coldwell Pleads For Grassroots Boxing To Return

Boxing trainer Dave Coldwell has pleaded for the return of grassroots boxing in the UK insisting the sheer amount of lessons a young person can take from the sport warrants it as a must to retain in the UK

The former trainer of Kell Brook, Tony Bellew and Derek Chisora insists that boxing was a fundemental part of his childhood and should be for all children

Boxing has struggled significantly more than most sports in the UK. In particular amateur clubs, youth facilities and gyms have been hit significantly hard financially.

“There are so many lessons you can take from boxing let alone sport” Coldwell said

“When I was a kid boxing was everything to me! it helped me so much as a kid and it could do the same for all of these kid’s during this pandemic with nothing on”

“In school and after school all I wanted to do was go down to the gym and train, I didn’t care if my friends didn’t want to because it was what I loved to do”

“The gym was such a fundamental part of my childhood, it helped me so much and I think it’s grossly unfair that these kids today are being deprived of that opportunity”

A clear plan for boxing to return as normal has yet to be outlined by the countries leading officials. The owner of a gym himself Coldwell believes that resumption of grassroots boxing should be at the forefront of the agenda.

“In my opinion, it’s not so much for the sport itself but for the kids as well”

“I can’t imagine how it must feel for the kids that really love boxing like I did in my youth, I don;t know how I would’ve handled something like this”

“For me boxing was everything when I was a kid, it taught me everything”

“I would go to the gym straight after school and I didn’t have a care in the world about what had happened at school or at home”

“For kid’s like me, boxing was an escape and for that reason it’s an absolute must for me to be reintroduced”

Boxing has been one of the most heavily affected sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic, amateur gyms and youth centres, in particular, have been heavily affected. The ex-pro turned trainer fears not only for future generations of athletes but also the future of boxing hubs

“Without a shadow of a doubt these places, the gyms, youth centres, amateur clubs they are in deep deep trouble and I feel for them” Coldwell added.

“We talk about COVID affecting the opportunities of the future generations but it’s the gyms that will suffer the most”

“Without the regular attendees and that community heading down to the gym, they just won’t be able to survive and for the sport of boxing that is a real issue”

Coldwell also praised campaigns like Manchester United star Marcus Rashford’s ongoing fight for free school meals.

“Simply put who wouldn’t want free school meals for children”

“It’s something personally that I really don’t get how it’s taken this long and I’ve got a lot of admiration for Marcus and what he’s trying to do”

“I’ve spoke a lot about the benefits of boxing to kids today but it’s stuff like this from people like Marcus that make us realise how much we’ve still got to do outside of sport”

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