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“We’re working closely with local trusts within the community to keep the programme going post Birmingham 2022” – Sarah Barrow on wanting to make the West Midlands Diving Programme A Success And Thoughts On Funding For The Games

Diving has been one of the many sports that has had its place at the Commonwealth Games since the event’s inception in 1930 and the West Midlands Diving Programme is a project two-time European Championship Gold medallist in diving Sarah Barrow wants to be a real success both in the build up and beyond the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Barrow, who was nominated West Midlands Diving Development Officer in 2019, spoke glowingly on her communications within the local area and how she wants the initiative to be a smash hit within the Western region.

It is going well so far and we are really excited about the Sandwell Aquatics Centre in Smethwick that is going to be used for the Commonwealth games  and we’ve been working really closely with Sandwell Council and Sandwell Leisure Trust who will be operating the diving programme post Commonwealth Games.”

The former diver then gave her opinion on the current state of the Games and how excited the athletes should be in the lead up to the spectacle in July.

After the World University Games, it [The Commonwealth Games] is the next biggest multi-discipline event, so as an athlete it is really exciting.

^ Proposed medal designs for the 2023 World University Games

Funding for the Games is also something Barrow also spoke strongly about.

“I think it’s more above where the powers sit with UK Sport and whether we get funding from them, so that is maybe where the Games aren’t perceived as such a big thing in terms of where we sit sports-wise.

barrow on the funding situation surrounding the commonwealth games

Barrow used Team England’s success in the medal table to likely back up her stance on a decent level of funding adding the claim of diversity in the medal table, something other smaller nations cannot boast at the Games.

“Team England in the last two Commonwealth Games have been getting towards the top of the medal table so as a team, I think we’re doing really well and it shows how diverse we can be as well.

“In the end, it’s all about the coverage and the more we can get the better, really.”

If Barrow and her team can show that they are able to keep Diving a real interest amongst the West Midlands community, it won’t be long before the fruits of their labour begin to shine.

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