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“Michael Masi decided to turn F1 into a show rather than a sport” – Former junior karter George Hunt-Mount gives his take on Max Verstappen’s world championship win

Formula 1’s race director Michael Masi has “broken the sporting regulations to turn F1 into a show” according to one former junior karter George Hunt-Mount.

Following Max Verstappen’s World Championship win in controversial circumstances over rival Lewis Hamilton, many have struggled to find the words to describe their feelings at the time.

The last lap pass came in an incredible scenario which involved a disputed rule involving lapped cars overtaking the safety car but with one lap of racing left, Verstappen overtook Hamilton to cross the line first.

Verstappen denied Hamilton his record-breaking eighth World Drivers’ Title leaving the Briton still tied on seven with F1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Former junior karter Hunt-Mount believes that whilst neither driver nor team is in the wrong, the blame lies with the way the FIA handled the race.

He said, “I think Hamilton looked set for the title, but the late safety car gave the opportunity to change that.

When the incident was cleared on lap 56, I thought it was over and they’d keep the safety car out.

“But then lap 57 happens and [Michael] Masi decided to turn F1 into a show rather than a sport, breaking sporting regulations to do so, and Max overtakes Lewis.

No team or driver is in the wrong on this one, it’s on the FIA. I’m shocked at what’s happened, but I’m happy for Max.”

In a race that was touted as ‘Winner Takes All’, it was race director Masi who took all the attention away from the eventual winner Verstappen following his decision to change the race order to allow a last lap showdown between the two title rivals.

Many across social media had their say on the matter with many believing Hamilton had been wronged.

Even Formula 1 drivers had their say on the matter.

Petitions were even made to have Masi sacked.

Mercedes lodged two immediate protests against the decision to allow multiple, but importantly not all, lapped cars to pass the safety car which by the regulations is not allowed.

Despite both appeals being denied, Mercedes have chosen to appeal the decision of the FIA’s findings. Whilst the Hybrid Era might’ve come to an end, this chapter may not for quite some time.

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