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University of Roehampton’s finals hopes crushed 2-0 by Starlight in semi-finals bout

Starlight earn a place at the Women and Non-Binary League of Legends finals whilst University of Roehampton’s Vixens secure third place after a staggering 2-0 series defeat in the second round of playoffs.

Former University of Gloucestershire student ‘Rach’ currently plays for the Roehampton side, changing universities after the last academic year.

‘Rach’ in game one of the series

The dominant best-of-three series win sees Starlight reach the finals of the tournament where they face returning tournament favourites: Staffordshire University’s Cosmic Kittens.

Cosmic Kittens had an undefeated Winter season including the finals and have yet to drop a single point this Spring season. The outfit dropped a singular game to Starlight in a best-of-three earlier this split.

Starlight take on Cosmic Kittens this Thursday in a title fight live on NUEL’s Twitch broadcast in a best-of-five series for a total of £50 per player if they earn first prize, and £30 per player for second.

Starlight’s Attack Damage Carry ‘Zoe’ had this to say ahead of her team’s fixture with the Kittens on Thursday.

“Especially with swapping roles this time around, it’s quite a challenge, I know down in bot lane me and Katie have had a bit of friction on the picks we’ve been taking,

“It’s a challenge but it’s the kind that when you’re all good friends it’s a good challenge to tackle,

“We managed to take a game off of them in our last best-of-three and I think we might have cracked them.

“I’m just saying Starlight has something cooking.”

The teams play at 18:45 this Thursday in NUEL’s Women and Non-Binary League of Legends Spring finals.

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