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University of Gloucestershire host varsity rivals University of Worcester to sign Varsity pledge at Hardwick Campus.

The 2023 Varsity pledge is set to be signed by both the University of Gloucestershire and their rivals the University of Worcester today as both sides set their aims to the event in March.

More than 20 teams from the University will showcase their abilities over nine days of sporting action as they go head to head at a number of well-known venues within Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Speaking exclusively with Park Life Sport, UOG Cricket’s Fred Wilkinson gave an insight into the level of preparation required to compete in, arguably, the University’s most exciting event of the sporting calendar.

“The Varsity week is probably the biggest week for anyone at the university with all the clubs wanting to win the point in their event to contribute to an overall team effort.

“With everyone supporting each other this brings a lot of camaraderie as well as being the biggest game of the year. We haven’t won in four years and we hope that will change come March.”

Varsity acts as a brilliant social tool at the University with all year groups becoming totally engrossed in the event as a whole.

Many students find themselves making brilliant memories throughout the week whether that be as a spectator or a participant and it acts as a fantastic send off for those who are in their final year of university.

“I’m going into my final year of studies this year and it’s been great to take on a role with slightly more responsibility to assist in winning Varsity as well as having a successful BUCS season. I hope that me and Neal Osborn can make an efficient leadership team to bring some victories.”

Having recently been announced as Vice Captain for the University’s side, Wilkinson has been selected to try and exact revenge on his Worcester counterparts who were victorious in last years cricket match.

“Now that the Varsity squad has been announced we are training three to four times a week, as well as an additional S&C session to ensure that we’re all 100% ready to play and hopefully roll over Worcester when the time comes in March. We’ve been having individual sessions to really harness and improve on our existing skills ahead of the big game.”

“For me, I just want to see everyone operating at 100% across the board. That can be across a wide range of situations whether that be in S&C, training or team meetings. As long as everyone is pulling together and trying their hardest then that’s all I can ask of the lads.”

“Over the next six weeks you’re all putting in a massive effort towards a common goal and this means that there’s a real build up of camaraderie as the standard of cricket increases as well.”

The dates of Varsity 2023 are set to be announced soon and we will keep you updated on these.

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