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Rugby Union Shame As Lawsuits Provided On Behalf Of Grassroots Players In Bid To Combat Concussion Injuries

It’s a debate that has been ongoing for years. Head injuries in rugby and the increased risk of concussion. However, now there has been a breakthrough on behalf of players who have been diagnosed with neurological diseases and receiving possible compensation from world rugby’s governing bodies.

According to an article on Sky Sports, it was announced earlier today that legal proceedings have been issued on behalf of 55 grassroots rugby union players who claim the game’s authorities failed to adequately protect them from brain injury sustained whilst on the field of play.

Today’s news comes after London-based sports law firm Rylands Garth say all the claimants they’re working with are suffering from a variety of neurological impairments and voice that World Rugby [WRU], the Rugby Football Union [RFU] and the Welsh Rugby Union [WRU] have been negligent.

Rylands say that all of the governing bodies mentioned failed to protect the 55 individuals from concussive and sub-concussive impacts during their careers. In a joint statement the WRU, RFU and WRU all commented saying they had not been served with any court proceedings in relation to the case.

In a joint statement, World Rugby, the RFU and WRU said: “World Rugby, the RFU and WRU care deeply about all members of the rugby family and we are saddened to hear of any player, from whatever level of our sport, who is struggling.

“Whilst legal action prevents us from engaging with these players directly, it is important that players from all parts of our game know that welfare remains our number one priority.

“Rugby is a sport that supports lifelong health and wellbeing benefits for participants at every level. It is loved by millions of current and former players around the globe.

“Acting on the latest science, evidence and independent expert guidance, we constantly strive to safeguard and support all our players – future, current, and former. Rugby is a leader in the prevention, management and identification of head impacts.

“We proactively fund transformational research, embrace innovation and leave no stone unturned to ensure that our sport is accessible, inclusive and as safe as possible for all participants.”

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