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Pubs you need to visit if your coming to the Cheltenham festival

With the Cheltenham races kicking off tomorrow, thousands of racing fans across the globe will be in attendance to drink, bet and cheer on their favourite horses.

But with the racing comes a lot of drinking and Cheltenham has plenty of pubs and bars for fans to drink and chill out throughout the week.


Starting with wetherspoons and Cheltenham has two of them: ‘Moon Under The Water’ and ‘The Bank House.’

Moon Under is located at 16-28 Bath Road at the top of town, and Bank House is further into town on 15-21 Clarence street.

Definitely the cheapest option out of the five with food served throughout the day and a whole variety of drinks. However expect Spoons to be the busiest out of all the pubs with it being the most popular.

The Spectre

Next up we have one of our favourite pubs located at the top of town on 73-75 high street.

Spectre has seating inside and outside the pub with drinks served throughout the day. Unfortunately they do not do food but if your looking for somewhere with a nice atmosphere during the week and some proper beverages then Spectre is the place to go.

It also has a dart board and Pool table which you can enjoy but expect it to be very busy especially in the evening after the races have finished. They also have plenty of TV’s to enjoy the sport during the week.

The Miller

This pub/bar is located at the top of town on 12-14 Bath Road.

Miller is the perfect place to go if your looking to enjoy some pints with your mates and watch the races on the big TV’s or football in the evening.

They serve food and drinks throughout out the day and have some special deals on for race week as well. Expect it to be busy in the evenings with more of a bar/club vibe.

The Rotunda Tavern

This local pub is located out of town on 3 Montpellier street.

If your looking for a more chilled and relaxed vibe then this pubs is for you. Its a much smaller pub compared to all of the others but serves really good pints as its not partnered with the rest of the pubs in Cheltenham.

They have a few TV’s within the pub and the perfect place to head straight after the races.

The Lansdown

This pub is also located out of town on Lansdown road and is my personal favourite.

With the sun expected to be coming out this week, they have the perfect outside seating and even a big gazebo for race goers to carry on the festival with the perfect pints.

They also have TV’s dotted around inside the pub which will show the racing and sports in the evening. Definitely the place to go to out of town and to get some drinks with your mates.

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