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‘Pele’ Netflix Documentary lands tomorrow – What are the top five goals of the iconic Brazilian’s career?

Netflix’s highly anticipated film is set to be released tomorrow documenting the rise of Brazilian football icon Pele.

Pele, 81, is widely regarded as one of if not the greatest football of all time alongside the likes of Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The only man to win the World Cup three times and the scorer of over 700 confirmed goals and a further 300+ disputed goals. Pele’s credentials are there for all to be seen and the latest documentary showcasing his greatness is sure to be a hit.

In this article, we’ll be showcasing five of the great Brazilian’s finest goals.

France, June 1958

The 1958 World Cup in Sweden was where the legend of Pele really began to unfold. Now dubbed the “King Of Football” a hat-trick against France in the Semi-Finals was were the world really began to take notice

The controlled volley down low to the keeper’s right was the pick of the bunch in a performance that went on to see him named as one of the players of the tournament.

Sweden, June 1958

A week later a teenage Pele once again stole the show. A furhter two goals in the final gave him six for the tournament which made him the joint second top scorer at 17 and the young player of the tournament.

The iconic chest, flick and volley against Sweden in the 1958 World Cup Final may be the moment he truly rose to superstardom. He remained the last teenager to score in a World Cup final until Kyliann Mbappe netted against Croatia in 2018.

Mexico, 1962

The solo goal of his 1962 World Cup plagued by injury. Pele’s burst through the Mexican defence in the 1962 group stage was one of the goals of the Chilean World Cup.

The pace, power, close control and thunderous finish were all on display in what may be one of his greatest and most technically showcasing goals.

Czechoslovakia, 1970

The ninth World Cup goal in his fourth tournament. Pele showed no signs of letting up in Mexico as the iconic chest and volley was once again showcased on the world stage.

Italy, 1970

The fourteenth and final goal of his world cup career. He would only go on to score four more goals for Brazil after this but was there ever one more important?

Still bullying defenders in his fourth World Cup, Pele’s thumping header at the back-post gave the Selecao the opening goal en route to a 4-1 win over Italy in the 1970 World Cup Final.

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