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“I think the first step is to just go out and do it” Park runner Dylan Bail explains why Pittville Park Run is a great way to stay active in Cheltenham

As 2024 enters it’s second month, more people are interacting with fitness groups to get this year off to a good start whether that be for fitness or socialising.

Across Cheltenham, there are numerous fitness groups dedicated to getting people involved and creating a healthier and happier community.

One particular event that occurs every Saturday is the Pittville Park Run.

This is designed to encourage large amounts of people to get together and run around the scenic park so that people can start or continue their fitness journey.

However, although it may be a fitness event, the run also allows people involved to socialise with others which helps not only people’s mental health but also brings the community together.

“It’s very important to me and to the community, in general, I think, sometimes it’s easy to get very lonely, get stuck in your house not talking to anyone so as well as being active, it’s a chance to get out and speak to people.

“I’d say the social side of it is very good, it’s always good to catch up with people, I find it’s very welcoming as well, so if you are struggling with loneliness then it’s a great place to come to” mentioned Dylan Bail, a runner taking part.

The event starts at nine in the morning meaning that people taking part can enjoy a quiet run whilst also being able to meet up with fellow runners.

As well as that, the area in which the run is held, makes for a very scenic view with the course surrounding Pittville Park’s Lake, accompanied by a plethora of greenery.

Dylan, who is keen on his fitness, spoke about his love for the location.

“It’s a very friendly place I really enjoy being able to run around the lake, it’s also quite a quiet area which means you can really get in your zone and focus on your running.

“In particular I enjoy how we’re still able to run on a concrete path around the park and then we can also run on the grass as well so there is good options depending on what surface you prefer running on.

“I think that it’s also important to remember that in the centre of Cheltenham, it’s not too easy to find many country running routes and so I like Pitville park as it gives a cross country feel about the run whilst also being very easy to get to as it’s close to the town centre.”

The park run usually lasts for and hour to two hours depending on how quickly people finish but this group isn’t about competitive running so it allows people to take the course at their own pace.

“I think the first step is to just go out and do it, a lot of people are apprehensive because they are worried that they don’t have the fitness for it but I also think that it’s very important to be aware that a lot of people here struggle for fitness and that everyone has their own goal.

“Fitness-wise, the only way to get in shape is to exercise and start running and so the best thing you can do is to just get out there” mentioned Dylan.

The Park run is free to sign up for and takes place every Saturday at Pittville Park from nine o’clock in the morning.

With a location like that and a chance to get to know more people whilst getting fit, there’s nothing stopping anyone from joining an event like this.

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