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How the Cheltenham Festival goes from the eyes of a bookmaker

On day two of the Cheltenham Festival, I went to bookmaker Tim Brown to ask him how the festival had gone for him so far.

He spoke about how the races goes from the eyes of a bookmaker.

When asked how difficult it’s been for him so far, he said:

“After day one it’s very difficult because the expenses that we pay to stand here are very high actually, I’m not sure if people now that.

“So , after day one the results were shocking from a bookmaker that lays horses so we’re up against it and we’re hoping for some better results today.

“We’re not more confident because the cross country has been abandoned, so we’re down to six races that are not that competitive.

“There’s two or three odds on which is never a good sign.”

Brown was also asked what the highest bet he’d received so far this year was:

“£250 each way [£500 total] on a 40/1 job was the highest bet we received and it finished second by the way.”

He also said the highest bet he’s ever received at Cheltenham:

“Probably £1,000 is the highest bet, which is quite low for Cheltenham.”

At the end of the day, we went back to see Brown and ask how the day had gone for his business.

This is what he said:

“We got a little bit back after the 1/4 favourite pulled up.

“But even so, we’re still a bit behind on the festival as a whole so it’s all to play for with two days to go.”

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