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How have Cheltenham Town dealt with COVID-19 through their use of media?

The coronavirus pandemic took us all by surprise. It came out of nowhere and has brought a halt to nearly every single sporting event possible.

However, it hasn’t stopped sports clubs around the world producing content for their fans, who are missing out on the live action each week.

This is no different for Cheltenham Town FC, who have been producing new media content, day in day out, to keep their fans interacted and entertained while lockdown resumes.

The main man behind that content is the clubs head of media and communications, Richard Joyce. I had the pleasure of speaking to Richard, to figure out exactly how they have gone about their work, and to find out how much of a challenge it has been for not only himself, but everyone involved.

Watch my interview with Richard right here:

So what content have Richard and Cheltenham Town been producing over the last few months?

Zoom podcasts

One of their newest pieces of content has been the addition of ‘The Boot Zoom’. This is a new online series of video podcasts, where the Cheltenham Town’s media team, including Richard, and Gloucestershire Live reporter John Palmer have an entertaining look back at some of the club’s most memorable games, alongside the players who had a key role in them:

On the pitch highlights

Cheltenham have had a terrific season so far, clinching the League Two playoffs, that have been announced to be taking place sometime in the near future. So why not show off some of their best highlights so far this season? Well, they’ve done just that:

Going back in time

A common theme Richard pointed out was “going back in time” to make content more relevant than ever. With no football around at the moment, and fans of the club ultimately down about it, what better way to lift their spirits than to show off the clubs greatest historical moments:

A similar idea has been produced over on their Instagram account. They’ve been producing a ‘goal of the day’ series, looking back at some of the clubs greatest goals. Here’s one from former striker, Dan Holman, that’s definitely worth watching:

If you’re bored throughout lockdown, and a fan of Cheltenham town, Richard and the team have got you covered. Hopefully football will be back soon, and we can watch Cheltenham on the pitch again. For now however, staying home and staying safe is the priority.

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