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How have golf courses in Gloucestershire coped with the reopening?

As lockdown restrictions in the UK are being gradually lifted, it was announced that the reopening of golf courses will go ahead on May 13th.

Although social distancing restrictions will still be in place, it gives the opportunity to golf players around the country to get their clubs back out.

This means there will be at least 24 golf courses around Gloucestershire opening their doors to golfers after a seven week closure. However, if you plan to play with others, they must be from your household.

John Lannon, the Club manager of Lilley Brook Golf Course in Cheltenham is preparing for the reopening and believes “a lot needed to be done” to ensure the safety of golfers.

Lannon said: “We had to risk assess the course. We’re still not opening the club house, it’s just the course and the changing rooms only open for toilet facilities only.

“Members have to get changed in the car park and they can only arrive 10 minutes before their tee time and we’re only allowing one person in the shop at a time.

“Members also have to abide by a list of about 20 guidelines for the Covid crisis. There’s a whole host of things, they can’t use bunker rakes, they can’t touch the flags. We’re doing everything we can.”

But Lannon is hopeful that with golf courses being one of the first sports to return for people in the public, it could see an incline in participants.

“I hope that it will attract more players. Golf has been in a steady period of decline since 2008 but we’re fortunate that we haven’t had much of a decline.

“We’re hoping it will encourage people to come back to golf. It’s a great sport, they can exercise out in the fresh air whilst social distancing.

“There’s the social side of golf too, meeting up with friends to play a round of golf and have a chat too which is good for mental health reasons. I think we will hopefully see an increase.”

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George Allen and Ollie Wade react to the reopening of golf courses in the UK.

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