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‘Biggest Severn Bore I’ve ever seen’ – The only five-star Severn Bore of 2024

It’s a natural phenomenon that attracts huge interest from around the world, the only five-star Severn Bore of 2024 went through Gloucestershire this morning.

Surfers and Kayakers from all over the world will be setting up for the ‘greatest ride on Earth’ as the largest bore in the past five years passes through the Gloucestershire region.

Surfers at the Severn Bore (Credit @Metro)

The event sees surfers from all over the world try to break records and ride waves for as long as possible.

In March 2006, Steve King, a railway engineer from Gloucestershire, set a world record for the longest surfing ride on the Severn bore, managing a total distance of 7.6 miles (12.2 km), lasting one hour and 17 minutes.

Steve King breaking the record for longest wave travel at The Severn Bore (Credit @GlosLive)

In anticipation of the Bore, veterans of the event suggested that Severn Bore Inn, Newnham, and Stonebench would be the best locations to see the natural sensation.

Steve Potter, one of the five-star participants described the river as “pretty good” as he and his fellow surfers looked forward to one of the biggest events for surfers worldwide.

Joel, another Severn Bore surfer, was participating for the first time and said he “immediately fell flat on his face” while participating in the event.

As the event came to an end, the surfers were elated having experienced one of the UK’s most unique natural phenomenons.

If you want to see footage from today’s event make sure to click here.

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