AFC Renegades Secretary Andrew Bullen says ground hopping will damage them financially

Gloucester & District Sunday League Premier Division side AFC Renegades could fall into financial issues this season due to Covid-19.

Usually playing their games at Imjin barracks, the Army have denied access to public football sides due to insurance issues which has left AFC Renegades without a home since the summer.

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Speaking to Secretary Andrew Bullen, he said: “We have suffered a bit. We haven’t got a ground to play on so I’m ringing about trying to get us a pitch to play on every week.”

With AFC Renegades having three teams, a Saturday League, Sunday League and Veterans, understandably the costs are adding up – they are now playing the majority of their games at Plock Court, Gloucester.

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“Trying to get hold of someone who runs Plot Court is a nightmare as their office only has one or two secretaries a day I think. We might lose points or get a fine for not having a pitch.

“We were charged for three teams, £400 for the season. At Plock Court it’s £50 a game, so after eight games we’ve paid the equivalent of a full season.

“Last season, we played 28 games last season so it’s really going to add up unfortunately – well over £1000 without a doubt.”

More on this story to follow.

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