FIFA 20 Icon club: Who’s the best?

With EA Servers about to go into overdrive as the nation is told to stay inside. Now is the perfect opportunity to fine tune your team, find the perfect fit for that 100 chemistry, earn your rewards and hope to pack an elusive ICON player card.

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Park Life Sport looked at 5 players who he felt deserved ICON status but now we will be looking at some of the top cards on the game and what they offer.

EA sports claim they have hit 10 million players across their platforms, with the current generation all hoping to pack Ronaldo or Messi.

But can FIFA be platform to remind the world that there have, and always has been superstars and ‘gods’ in the game.

Where better to start than Real Madrid and France legend Zinedine Zidane.

POS: CAM RAT: 97 VALUE: 11.2m PS4 / 10.5m XBOX

The Frenchman has won it all, numerous domestic titles, Champions league and a World Cup and with 3 cards to his name I wouldn’t mind if I got any of them.

His 96 CAM card is arguably the best on the game, while he was never a player associated with pace, his tactical nous and ability always kept him one step ahead of the opposition and with 96 passing and 96 dribbling don’t expect to lose the ball too often.

Don’t be afraid to shoot from distance either, his stats will give you plenty of opportunities to better that classic goal in the CL final.

Two footed and 5* skill moves, he’s not over rated. He was just that good. 


POS: RW RAT: 95 VALUE: 3.7m PS4 /  3.2 XBOX

A player I knew very little about until watching him tear a 87 Kyle Walker card apart.

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At only 5 6’, what he didn’t have in physicality (73) he certainly had in pace (92). A player who was dubbed ahead of his time, not a big name in Europe after spending a 20 year career in South America, most notably with Botafogo.

The Brazilian was a TWO-TIME world cup winner with back to back titles in 58 and 62, winning the Golden boot in the latter.

If you want a player who can dance past defenders and put the ball on a string for your strikers (Passing 96, dribbling 97). Look no further.


POS: CAM RAT:95 VALUE: 12.5m PS4 /  9.9m XBOX

Perhaps the most complete card on the game which represents the players himself. Much like Zidane, he is an absolute legend in Europe who not only tore apart English clubs in the Champions League but crushed the nations hearts in 2002 with ‘that free kick’.

Basically good luck defending against this card. 95 Pace, 93 shooting, 94 passing, 98 dribbling and with 83 physicality don’t just think you can push him off the ball.

A card for the elite. Do you think he knows about this card from his cell in Paraguay? 

Dieogo Maradonna.

POS: CAM RAT: 99. Value – 6m PS4 / 5.3m XBOX (Bargains compared to other cards) 

There is becoming a South American theme here. History suggests they hacked up during the 70’s and 80’s.

It seems quite fitting talking about this little Argentinian maestro after watching a recent documentary about his anything but normal life. (If you haven’t seen it, thoroughly recommend).

I didn’t quite realise just how much a ‘god’ like figure this was man to not only his Country but Naples.

After watching footage of Maradona leaving countless defenders on their backside, he was a player of the ages. He would be the first name on the team sheet in any team in the world.

Forget the man you see on the screens now, wow this guy was some player and his stats back him up, they don’t even need to be said.

If you play with this card, defeat is unacceptable.

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I’m going to end this on a whim here. Whilst Pele’s 99 card is undeniably good. We need another European on this list.

With all these attackers claiming the top cards, which, if any, defenders can come close to stopping you rage quitting a match after conceding a fifth goal in the first half.

Paolo Maldini

POS: CB RAT: 95 VALUE: 9.8m PS4 /  4m XBOX.

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The man tasked with stopping the worlds elite. A one club man with a career spanning 25 years in Milan is without question one of the finest defenders to play the game.

His 95 CB card is the best on the game bar anyone who doesn’t play in an attacking position. With 88 pace he has the ability to keep up with the game and with 99 defending he is an absolute warrior in the heart of defence.

The saying ‘an absolute Rolls Royce of a defender comes to mind’ when talking about the Italian, he resurrected the centre half position making it fashionable to play the ball out from the back. 

If you come up against this card, I’d look to attack down the flanks, you aren’t getting past this man.

Honourable mentions: 

R9 Ronaldo – ST – 97. The card needs no introduction. The most expensive card (15m across all platforms) for a reason. If you pack this card, its time to retire. 

Johan Cruyff – CF – 96. Iconic, symbolic and revolutionary. A football philosopher, he made football the game it is today. 

Lev Yashin GK – 95. The best keeper on the game. I’ll keep it brief, you need to hit bins to beat this man.  

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