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Southgate’s attacking dilemma: Who to pick?

After England’s impressive display on the biggest stage of them all in 2018, all Briton’s will still be scratching their heads for one reason… why didn’t Kane didn’t pass to Sterling?

Falling at the semi-final stage to the hands of Croatia in extra-time, England fans still held their heads high as the 23-man squad returned home.

With Kane walking away from the World Cup with the Golden Boot, the first Englishman to do so since Lineker in 86, he surely is a ‘shoe’ in for the striker position.

But that leaves the question, who joins the England captain in the attacking three?

Realistically, there are three players to fill two positions, a dilemma granted to Southgate through this season’s impressive form and experience on the international stage.

First up, Raheem Sterling.

Sterling has been an experienced international goalscorer since 2012, and has only continued to grow as a player under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

Growing in confidence, composure and being a key character for the dressing room, there is no doubt Sterling will be on that plane to the Euros.

20 goals and 7 assists in all competitions this season speaks for itself, and he’ll have another year under his belt playing under one of the most influential managers the game has seen.

But could another Manchester man from across the pond battle him for that left wing position?

Of course, it is Marcus Rashford.

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