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Why Tottenham Hotspur Fans Want a Change of Ownership

It has been fairly apparent for multiple years at Tottenham Hotspur, that the fans are not pleased with the board, particularly their lack of investment, ambition, and the want for money more than success.

Daniel Levy was appointed Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur in 2001, after ENIC bought a total stake of 29.9% in the club, which was the maximum stake possible, which eventually led to them bidding for the whole club.

Tottenham fans have made it very clear in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and on social media at their dislike of the owners, and the selfishness and greed that they are believed to possess.

There were brief rumours early in January 2023 that Qatar Sports Investments, the same group that own Paris Saint-Germain in France, would be looking at a minority investment in Tottenham, which was greeted very positively by the majority of fans, who have been desperate for investment into the club.

Given the success of Newcastle United and Manchester City following their takeovers, many other clubs fans have their eyes set on something similar, with the hope of emulating success like Manchester City have.

The Deloitte Money League 21/22 was recently revealed, with Tottenham placing ninth, above the likes of Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and close rivals Arsenal.

Tottenham were shown to have a revenue of £442.8 million, up from £359.7m the year prior, which was met with more frustration from Tottenham fans, who could see the club were making a lot of money, but were not seeing any investment of it.

It has been almost 15 years since Tottenham last won a trophy, the League Cup in 2008, the only trophy they have won in ENIC’s 22 year reign, hence the annoyance of the Tottenham fans.

Chelsea have seen a lot of investment in the recent months, with new owner Todd Boehly estimated to have spent over £500 million in the last six months.

Todd Boehly’s net worth is 5.3 billion US Dollars, compared to owner of ENIC, Joe Lewis’ 5.2 billion, which shows the evidence is there that Tottenham can afford to invest, but do not have same ambition as other clubs.

One of the main complaints from fans is the lack of quality in the squad, and therefore the lack of new signings to improve the squad, having not yet signed a player in the January transfer window, as the deadline looms in just over a weeks time.

It has been revealed in the media at Tottenham’s tightness in transfer negotiations, offering much lower than the asking price for multiple players, having their bid rejected and the player joining another club who offered higher.

The most notable is Leandro Trossard, who eventually signed for Arsenal for an estimated £27 million, after Tottenham offered Brighton and Hove Albion £12 million, which just angered Spurs fans more at the club’s lack of willingness to compete with other clubs, and focusing on money more than success.

There is much disarray at Tottenham at the moment, and with manager Antonio Conte and star player Harry Kane threatening to leave if there is no investment into the club, there could be worrying times ahead for the Tottenham Hotspur fans.

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